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Coverage can range from state minimum to fully comprehensive. We help you find the best level of coverage at the lowest premium. 

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What is "Full Coverage"?
  • Most consumers believe that having Comprehensive and Collision in their policy constitutes “Full Coverage”. While this covers damage and liability to property, you should talk with your agent about the specifics of your policy and if additional coverage is needed to get you fully insured in the case of an accident.
What is "PIP" or No Fault?
  • Florida Statutes require insurers to provide up to $10,000 in first-party benefits for medical expenses, loss of income, funeral expenses, or other similar expenses in the event of an accident regardless of fault. You should talk about the specifics of this coverage with your agent before signing anything.
What is Bodily Injury?
  • In the event that you are at fault in an accident where the other person, or people, involved are injured, this coverage helps pay for your liability on the expenses. Without the proper coverage in your policy you could be liable for the costs and sued by those affected. Talk with your agent about options.
What are Deductibles?
  • A deductible is the amount of money that you will have to pay out of pocket after a claim is filed before the insurance company will adopt any expenses on your behalf. In Florida this is normally waived for damaged windshields but other damage will have specific amounts that you need to understand.
What is Uninsured Motorist Coverage?
  • Even though it is required by law to carry valid insurance to operate a vehicle there is always a chance that you will be involved in an accident with someone who is uninsured. Working with an agent to review your medical coverage and what you can afford in this event will help protect you and your family.
Does my Insurance cover my Rental?
  • Yes! Your coverage transfers to any vehicle that you may rent or borrow in all 50 States and Canada. There is no coverage in Mexico or other foreign countries. Sometimes your credit card company may provide additional protection. Always make sure to review your policy and any rental agreement you sign.

Other Insurances

For many people, The American Dream is the realization of years of hard work, experience, and skill coming together into your own business. We want to make sure that YOUR American Dream is protected and can prosper for years to come with the right coverage to prepare you for the inevitable risk associated with running your own business. Commercial Insurance ensures that your business and its property are protected if you find yourself dealing with a customer claim, property claim, or catastrophe.

Homeowners Insurance:
You worked hard, did your research, and purchased the home of your dreams. Now, you need to protect it. You can’t know when an accident or disaster will strike but you can be prepared with the right coverage.
Life Insurance:
Talking about something as sad and serious as death can be uncomfortable. We work hard to protect your family including making sure they have comfort and security in the darkest of times.

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I have known Scott Weighmink since 2006. Throughout the 14+ years that I have known him as an insurance agent he has always been honest, helpful, and knowledgeable. I own an inspection company and have met many of Scott’s clients while performing inspections. I have heard only pleasing remarks about Scott from his clients, statements from as simple as “he is so nice” to as important as “he took the time to help me save money”.

In my personal experience Scott has always been quick to return my calls, willing to help, and very knowledgeable. He even helped my son to get insurance for the first time on his first vehicle when he got his drivers license; he took time to explain and guide him to get exactly the right policy and premium. I am honored to recommend Scott Weighmink to anyone in need of insurance.

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